Investors know how important it is to pay attention to trends. To stay ahead of the curve, read our list of the 5 investing trends to watch in 2021.
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5 Investing Trends To Watch 2021

Sometimes it can be challenging to stay know exactly what to invest in. It seems like by the moment that it is mentioned, it’s already too late. But, we assure you, that’s not the case here. 

After copious research, we have identified five guaranteed investment trends you’ll want to follow for 2021. Stick with this list, and you’ll add some key stocks in hot markets this year. 

So, if you’ve been looking for some investing trends to put some cash behind, continue reading. 

1. The Rise of Digital Currencies

The threat of a diminishing dollar is real. The pandemic gave rise to an overly printed dollar, and not just in the United States. It is said that 35% of all money printing happened during the pandemic. 

What does this mean for the global economy? First, hyperinflation is set to become an unintended consequence for many people. At the same time, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others are gaining traction. 

Millennials see the value and the future of cryptocurrencies. Because the future generations will decide the money system we use, cryptocurrencies are one of the hot investing trends in 2021 and years to come.

2. A Wave of Disruption Is Coming

By 2030, 8.5% of the entire workforce could lose their jobs to automation. While that number doesn’t jump off the page, that’s equivalent to 20 million workers.

While it is said that AI will replace more jobs than those that are lost, this benefits investors. Doubling down on disruption will allow investors to earn hefty sums during this time period. 

Look for areas of disruption in AI for great investing trends in 2021 and beyond. One investment seems obvious, and that’s the future of transportation. 

3. The Return of Commodities

While commodities aren’t where they once were, they are on a rebound and cheap! Going back to the 80s, one trend that seems to hold is that commodities surge when the dollar is weak. 

While others are investing in high-value crypto coins, you have the potential the buy up commodities for pennies on the dollar and ride the wave back up—something to consider. 

4. Invest in Tech

Whether Edtech, Medtech, Fintech, or Greentech, you want to be there when the disruption happens. These four sectors have the potential to disrupt trillion-dollar industries. So it’s worth investing in these four sectors for the long term.

We’ve seen the amount of money that you can earn from disruption before using technology. Think Amazon, Google, and Netflix. 

Where would you be if you had invested early? Your time has come again. Be sure to look for Regulation A+ offerings

5. Real Estate

With a collapsing dollar and mortgage rates at all-time lows, many people will turn to real estate for investments. In addition, having assets in real estate will help survive some of the pitfalls set to happen in the market. 

Income properties can pay dividends every year as you pay them down. Once they are pure profit, you’ll be guaranteed 100% returns on your investment. 

What Investing Trends Do You Forsee in 2021 and Beyond? 

Got some hot tips on investing trends set to take off in 2021 and beyond? Let us know! We’re always happy to hear from readers. 

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