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Guest Blogger-- Henry & Pearl Team Member Spotlight and Styling Session with Lizzie

Styled for Spring Fun
Henry & Pearl Team Member Spotlight and Styling Session with  Lizzie
Guest Post by Jill Myrick of Suburban Mom in Jeans Blog
It was an exciting morning for me!  The time had come for me to begin my first Guest Blogger Post for one of my very favorite stores, Henry & Pearl
{Necklace, Sweater and Cuff all from H&P}

I mentioned this idea to them a few weeks ago because I just love their store from the people to the location to the atmosphere and, of course, the consistently great selection.  I can honestly say that every time I have visited their store, I find something I love – that goes for my husband, too! 

As a customer since they opened, I know why I shop there and that is what I wanted to illustrate through my first guest blog post.  I enjoy the experience and selection so I asked them if I could interview one of their team members so you could hear from them about their style and customer approach.  Today I had the chance to spend some time with Lizzie Roland.  Lizzie is a very stylish young lady who has been on the H&P team for over 2 years.  I had a few questions for Lizzie and then asked her to style three occasions for me.  I think she did an amazing job styling me and I almost left with all three outfits until I reminded myself it was a work day and not a shopping day… Wait… aren’t those both the same for me?  I’ll be right back – I’m heading to H&P to scoop up, at the very least, those jeans!

{Showing that the entire team is customer service oriented, Henry himself, came over to warm up my toes.  You had me at Lab!}

{Lizzie at work pulling items for our styling session – more on her choices below.}

My Chat with Lizzie:

First, I asked Lizzie about her own personal sales approach.  She shared that she allows people some space to browse after she welcomes them and asks if she can be of help.  If they want to browse, she gives them space and welcomes browsing.  She makes herself available by asking if they are looking for anything in particular and, if they are, she is able to share some options.  She says that this approach has proven to be successful for her customers in need of gifts or something for a particular occasion.


Then, I asked Lizzie why she believes customers come into the store.  I thought her answers were really insightful.   

(1)   First, she shared that they love to style people for their lifestyle or event needs.  She said that people appreciate their honest approach and how they work with customers to truly find things that look good on them.  She believes their customers appreciate this approach. 

(2)  Secondly, she feels that their selection reflects the great style of the owners who, as Lizzie puts it, have different, but complementary styles. 


Lizzie always looks great so I asked her to share her favorite brands at the store.  Her go-to brands were:

(1)   Show Me Your MUMU because they are flowy and easy to wear and their patterns are “funky and different”.  Having recently been pregnant, Lizzie appreciated being able to wear the brand throughout her pregnancy, too.

(2)  Next brand is Others Follow which she loves because their pieces are cute, casual and, especially, affordable while also being good quality.  She said, and I saw with my own two eyes, that they have great “throw on dresses and tops” at great price points.

(3)  Then, a consistent favorite of hers is Free People.  Her current favorite from them are their pull-on flare jeans and she has them in two colors (both in store) herself.  I tried these on in blue and F E L L  I N  L O V E.  It was all I could do to leave them behind when I left. 


Lastly, I asked to Lizzie to style me for three occasions. 

 First, Spring Break Outfit.  Lizzie chose this super cute MUMU dress for warmer Spring weather destinations.  Sold!

{Show Me Your MUMU Dress currently in store}

Then, I asked for a Transition to Spring Outfit which we need often in Georgia.  Today, for example, it was sunny and warm-ish this morning and by early afternoon, I was actually driving in sleet.  I think she came up with a great solution, complete with layers, for these crazy winter-to-spring days.

{Free People Tank, Cardigan and Pull-On - yes, you read that right! - Flare Jeans}

Lastly, I asked for an Outdoor Concert Outfit which we love in the South during the Spring and Summer months.  I love the layered look of a cute dress and a denim, on-trend, jacket for cooler nights.

{Others Follow Dress topped with cute denim, on-trend, jacket.}

Did I mention “those jeans”?!?!

{Super Cute Pull-On Stretchy Free People Flares only $78}

Talking with Lizzie was so fun and, of course, so was my styling session.  She loves to help customers come up with great looks and she does it in a fun way.  You’ll feel like you’re shopping with a friend more than getting help from a salesperson.  Stop by to grab a few Spring looks, including those pictured here.  It’s a great time for a refresh and Lizzie is great at her job. 



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