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Three Reasons You Should Visit Henry & Pearl Today by Guest Blogger Jill Myrick from SMIJ by Jill

It’s a beautiful Saturday! I think I actually see some blue sky even. That is nice.

We are spoiled here in the sunny South. I realize I wouldn’t be great in a cloudy part of the country. Yesterday, I literally raced an afternoon thunderstorm home. It was gaining on me as I sprinted 3 miles home. (I should say it felt like “sprinting”. I doubt anyone watching would have called it that.) My legs are sore this morning! Lightening makes a great motivator. Rain hit just as I was climbing my driveway. I think that means I won the race. Anyway, glad to see the sun today.

It’s Saturday and it’s a great day to visit Henry & Pearl to get something fun for Summer. Here are three reasons to pop in today from 11-6.

#1 You need to see the new Crabapple Green right in front of the store. The Grand Opening is next Saturday and you won’t want to miss it!

#2 I re-stocked hats and now we have red ones and blue ones, too.

#3 It’s June! That means Father’s Day… which is June 17th. They have TONS of great things for guys including the new backpack Yeti. Wouldn’t it feel great to get an epic gift and get it before the pressure is on?

They are open 11-6 today. Give Henry a little snuggle while you’re there. Trust me, it will make your day. ❤

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