Are you interesting in investing in gold stocks? In this guide, we'll talk you through how to invest in gold. Read on for more.
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How to Invest In Gold

The Dow Jones Index recently dropped over 700 points due to COVID-19 resurgence fears. There’s no telling what will spook investors, and the type of market volatility we’ve seen over the past year is harrowing for long-term investors.

That’s why many people turn to precious metals during periods of unrest. The market remains relatively stable, and every diversified portfolio will include metal investment to help weather any storm.

Are you ready to put your money in precious metals? Read on to learn all you need to know about how to invest in gold.

Physical Gold

One of the easiest ways to invest in gold is to buy it and keep it. Many people prefer the material when investing in gold and silver because it is the only way to safeguard against calamity. These metals will always hold value no matter what the market does, and you’ll always have access to your investment.

How to Buy

There are multiple ways to buy physical gold. Many countries mint gold, silver, and platinum bullion coins and bars. They are available for purchase in different weights, and their worth is directly related to market prices.

You can purchase these minted bullion coins and bars through online brokers or local dealers.

Jewelry and numismatic coins are other ways people invest in physical gold. You can buy these items at jewelers or pawnshops, but keep in mind that these are often alloys and hold value for their rarity rather than their gold content.


The physical gold investment comes with a price. You have to store it, and that presents a security hazard. The best way to invest in gold without having any on hand is to buy an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) that tracks gold.

You purchase ETFs like traditional stocks, and their price rises and falls based on the price of gold. The advantage of an ETF is its liquidity compared to gold bars and your ability to receive your total investment value should you sell.

Mining Stocks

You can invest in gold stocks without buying an ETF by purchasing stock from a company that mines gold. The price of mining company stock reflects the price of gold, and the company can also push its stock higher by increasing production.

Mining stock can be risky, however. Any halt in production due to environmental factors or workplace accidents will cause the stock price to drop. That doesn’t mean you should avoid mining stocks, as they make a valuable hedging addition to your portfolio.

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How to Invest in Gold

Investors turn to precious metals when the market takes a downturn. These metals help stabilize a portfolio and hedge against huge losses that may come during periods of economic upheaval.

This past year we’ve teetered on economic calamity, and you should keep some money in the gold market. Learning how to invest in gold is how you keep your future secure.

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